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Microsoft Teams is a multipurpose "activity hub" for Office 365 users, a new Microsoft collaboration approach that application leaders must assess to better leverage their Office 365 investment. Employees will collaborate and interact in a conversational-style workspace. And from within the Microsoft Teams experience, they will be able to seamlessly access a wide range of Office 365 productivity tools (such as OneNote, Outlook, SharePoint and Planner). 
iGlobe has a goal of making tasks management easy and manageable for all Office 365 users.  It is only natural that we offer MIPA as a Team App. The goal is to bring you all your tasks into the team you are working in rather than having to leave the team to get of upcoming tasks.
Teams are structured with tabs. iGlobe MIPA Teams App is implemented in a Team as a Microsoft Teams Tab. Tabs in Microsoft Teams allow you to access services on a dedicated canvas within a channel to display rich interactive web content. 


Step 1 - Add MIPA Team App as a TAB to your Team

To Add MIPA Team App simply click on the + to add a new tab. A window will open allowing you to add apps/services to you Team. Find MIPA for Teams and click to add. 

A new window opens asking you to accept. Click on Accept.

You have now successfully added iGlobe CRM Team App

Microsoft Teams App Security and Compliance

Microsoft Teams works with developer partners and the Cloud Security Alliance to provide the information you need to expedite and inform decisions about Teams apps and partners for your organization, supplemented with information from the Microsoft Cloud App Security cloud app catalog. This information is intended to help organizations assess and manage risk in using these apps.

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About MIPA Team App

MIPA - My Intelligent personal assistent - Enhance your productivity in Teams

MIPA offers a simple a highly visual way to organize and manage tasks. What's on your program




Tasks from Planner, your To-Do, Calendar entries and informing you on mails you should follow up on.

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  • Today
  • This week
  • This month
  • Planner tasks
  • To-Do
  • Meetings
  • See all your tasks
  • Search for a task
  • Create a new Planner task
  • Assign a task 
  • Assign to multiple people
  • Create a checklist
  • Add to a category
  • Add an attachment from a mail - up to 10MB
  • Save selected mail as a file to the task

Planner Tasks

  • See your Planner Tasks
  • Read the task
  • Update due date
  • Open the Planner task
  • Manage checklist items
  • Promote a checklist item into a task
  • Change Bucket
  • Mark as complete
  • Assign the task


  • Open the To-Do
  • Mark as complete

Calendar entries 

  • Meetings 

Get started with MIPA Team App

The following video guide will show you how to use MIPA

IMPORTANT all entries shown in MIPA must have a due date! And must be assign to the logged in user 

For support please contact support@iglobecrm.com

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