Get a personal assistant to support you throughout your workday in Microsoft 365

MIPA is a Microsoft 365 App extension that lets you have a fully centralized workplace in Microsoft 365. MIPA works as your intelligent online assistant. MIPA is connected to Outlook and Microsoft Teams.

Get a free 30 day trial period. 

MIPA structures your workflow in Teams

Enhance individual and team productivity with MIPA for Microsoft Teams. 

Never miss a task and be well prepared for your next meeting.

Manage tasks

Prioritize tasks

Create a task from a chat

MIPA is what we all dream about having, a personal assistant that will help you though your day, week and next week. MIPA brings you all you need to remember, prepare, and find directly in your favorite daily tool, Microsoft Teams.

A decision-making tool that helps you make the distinction between tasks that are important, not important, urgent, and not urgent

Create a task, while chatting with a co-worker in a Microsoft Teams chat.

Optimize your Microsoft 365 experience

Get full overview of all your tasks/ to-dos

Bringing you one step closer to a centralized task management experience with a connectivity between Microsoft Teams and Planner, To-Do, your calendar and mail follow up. Instead of constantly switching contexts to keep up with what you must do next, you’ll see all your tasks visualize in one place

Sticky-notes feature

Use the sticky notes feature to save quick tasks and notes to yourself on the sticky notes board.

MIPA Task Overview

Task across plans and team members

With MIPA for Teams you can now gather all tasks from different team-members across different plans in Planner creating a full overview of any given project in your team.

MIPA structures your workflow in Outlook

The app provides you with a quick overview of your Planner tasks for today, this week and next week directly in your Outlook. 


Easy deployment - No installation

Easy deployment with no installation required. Deploy the App in Microsoft 365 and have it available on Outlook for windows, MAC, Web and Outlook for IOS. The deployment takes the same amount of time for 1 or 100 users. 

No device installation is required.

Video tutorials

Find our full user-guide series on youtube to Learn how to deploy and get started.


Fully secure and Microsoft App Certified

Microsoft 365 App Certification.

This means that your company will have the assurance and confidence that data and privacy are adequately secured and protected when the app is introduced to the Microsoft 365 platform and is fully backed by Microsoft. 

No data is saved locally on any devices nor does iGlobe save any of your application data.

You always stays 100% GDPR compliant 


Chose the subscription that fits

Enhance individual and team productivity with MIPA for Teams. Access all your tasks, work on tasks and notes in one place.


More than 1000 users


*per user / month billed annually

*minimum 3 months

Fill out your information and you will receive an invoice and the next step to deploy the App. 

Purchase the App from Microsoft Store. 


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